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Occlusion training that promotes muscle growth and takes your training to a new level!

  • Streamlines and simplifies occlusion training for biceps, triceps and calves
  • Provides an even printSkone, stretchy neoprene material
  • Attractive design
  • Fits most (max circumference 50 cm) Material: 80% neoprene, 20% polyester
  • Sold in 2-pack.

About occlusion training:
Occlusion training is an effective training technique where you consciously restrict the blood flow in the veins to your working muscles. When the blood flow in the veins is restricted but the arteries are open, blood is supplied to the muscle but restricts the outflow from the muscle. This increases the metabolic stress and lack of oxygen in the muscle and provides lactic acid which has anabolic properties that promote muscle growth. In occlusion training, you use lighter weights than normal but get a high fiber activation.

Procclusion 1.0

kr400.00 Regular Price
kr328.00Sale Price
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all Procclusion.

    Does not apply to wear

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