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PROCCLUSION restricts blood flow from the muscle, which optimizes strength and volume for lighter strength training.


PROCCLUSION is made of neoprene which is a soft material that breathes and is gentle on the skin at the same time it is strong enough to limit blood flow.

Some people use bandages or other fabric during their occlusion training to limit blood flow, but this is neither a safe nor a guaranteed way to achieve the desired results.


Thanks to velcro straps applied around the neoprene, PROCCLUSION assures that you have the same restriction of blood flow during each workout.


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The occlusion method causes lactic acid to get stuck in the muscle.
Lactic acid has anabolic properties, ie muscle building, and can affect protein synthesis. This is one of the ways PROCCLUSION stimulates muscle growth.

FIT most

PROCCLUSION is made of neoprene, a material that is stretchy and breathable, which means that it will fit most people, (note the maximum circumference is 50cm on the arm and 93cm on the legs)


The restriction of occlusion training out of the blood flow leads to an increase in cell swelling. When your cells swell, they feel a "danger" and eventually they restructure and become larger.

This means bigger muscles for you!


You should be able to use only one arm to place PROCCLUSION 1.0 on the arm.

The product is developed to grip the arm firmly throughout the workout, this through "Double Velcro Technology"
The first velcro fastening ensures that PROCCLUSION is fastened around the arm, the second restricts blood flow.

Simon @simon.more

Occlusion training is a very good way to train quickly and efficiently a muscle that you may not have time for or do not fit your schedule.

Procclusion is easy to attach and fits both large and small. You adjust the thick part of the band and then tighten with the Velcro.


- Ramsey Kinghorn @rambo_rams
Athletic Fitness Athlete

With Procclusion you should see some impressive results to your muscle size and strength. Thanks to procclusion for helping me reach these goals.



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