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PROCCLUSION is an occlusion band made of neoprene which is a soft material that breathes and is gentle on the skin while it is strong enough to restrict blood flow.

PROCCLUSION restricts blood flow from the muscle which optimizes power and volume for light weight training.




The occlusion method causes lactic acid to get trapped in the the muscle. Lactic acid has anabolic characteristics, ie muscle building, and can turn on protein synthesis. This is a way PROCCLUSION stimulate muscle growth.


Occlusion training causes restriction of blood flow and results in an increase in cell swelling. When your cells swell, they experience a "danger" and eventually restructure themselves and become larger.
This means bigger muscles for you!


PROCCLUSION produced in neoprene, a material that is stretchy and breathable, which means that it will fit most people, (note max Ø 58cm)


One should be able to use only one arm to position the PROCCLUSION.
The product is using "Double Velcro Technology" - designed to grab the arm steadily throughout the workout. The first Velcro ensures that PROCCLUSION is fastened around the arm, the second one restricts blood flow.

PROCCLUSION fits perfectly

Others use bandages or fabric during their occlusion training, to restrict the flow of blood, but this is neither safe or a guaranteed way to achieve the desired results. Thanks to the velcro straps applied around neoprene, PROCCLUSION insures that you have the same restriction of blood flow during each workout.



My boyfriend introduced me to Procclusion about one year ago. I had no idea what it was or why I should use it, but I tried it and fell in love. It was a different type of pain that I’ve never experienced before, and since that day I’ve been using them in every single workout. I love the “next level of pain” and how beneficial training with Procclusion is for muscle growth. I’ve always had a hard time building my quads and calves, but with consistency and using Procclusion I’ve seen more results this past year than in my past year and a half of working out without them. I couldn’t recommend these enough and I love everything about them. 



Jennifer Rudberg

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I have used several different wraps and bands when implementing Blood Flow Restriction into my training.  I've gone the cheap, minimalist route a few times, looking for the cheapest way to get the job done and, to my disappointment, have dealt with clips breaking, wraps losing tension, bruising on my limbs (even when tightening the wraps appropriately and not excessively), difficulty wrapping, etc.  I have been using Procclusion's products for nearly two years now and I can honestly say that they look, feel, and function the same as they did on day one.  Blood Flow Restriction is a tool in the toolbox and if you choose to add it into your training, Procclusion can provide the tools to use the tool!


Physical Terapist

Nicholas Licameli 

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The Procclusion product is an amazing tool for working out the biceps and my small and really hard growing calves. It gives an insane pump and has helped me significantly and also took my training to a whole new level on muscle growth. It is comfortable to wear and super easy to take on and off. I strongly recommend this product. 
The Procclusion 2.0 for the legs gives similar effect for the quads and, especially, the hamstrings where I experienced an incredible pump and burn. 

The positives with Procclusion and  occlusion training in general is that I don't need to use as much weight to stimulate the type 2 muscle fibers when the blood flow is restricted. It can also work fine for rehab training as well when I can use lighter weights for a specific muscle part.

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Athlete in Classic Physique

Dan Eriksson

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